Rooftop Solar Power Systems

These grid tied solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are installed either on the terrace or on vacant space of Residential, Industrial, Commercial or Institutional complexes. 

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Organic Farming and Food Processing

Chemical free and Healthy food is need of the hour. Rampant use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers have ruined our land and personal health. We have made a beginning towards cultivation of 100% Organic fruits, vegetables and grains

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Automatic Composter

Treatment , disposal and management of household kitchen waste and other organic waste is big challenge. We have developed a compact machine that reduces and converts organic waste into useful manure.

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Sharvil Power and Agro Technologies LLP was formed in June 2017. A new start up company with a vision to work towards clean environment and healthy food. This approach is based on three pillars – Solar Power, Organic Farming and Waste management.

Solar Power Since inception, we have installed 37 rooftop projects with total generation capacity reaching 400 KW

Organic Farming In the lush green breezy valley of Maval, our 100% chemical free organic farming has come up near Kamshet. We are growing following grains, fruits and vegetables – Indayani Rice, Khapli Wheat Mangoes, Strawberries, Watermelon, Jamun, Amala All types of leafy and exotic vegetables

Waste Management We have developed a compact automatic composter that shreds all kitchen waste and leaves and converts into useful manure. Operated using electric motor which is very easy to handle and economical as well . One month Kitchen waste can be treated in present model. Higher capacity system can be provided for the societies.

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